HB0021  In Progress Mar 14
Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments
Seer Summary

Utah Legislature HB0021 is a bill that requires public bodies to allow a reasonable opportunity...

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  •  In Progress
    Governor Signed
  • House/ to Governor
  • House/ received enrolled bill from Printing
  • House/ enrolled bill to Printing
  • Enrolled Bill Returned to House or Senate
  • Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
  • Bill Received from House for Enrolling
  •  Enrolled
    House/ signed by Speaker/ sent for enrolling
  • Senate/ signed by President/ returned to House
  • House Conference Committee - Final Passage
  • House Motion to Adopt Joint Conference Comm Rpt
  • LFA/ fiscal note publicly available
  • Senate Conference Committee - Final Passage
  • Senate Motion to Adopt Joint Conference Comm Rpt
  • Senate/ received from House
  • Conference Committee Report
  • Bill Substituted by Conference Committee
  • House Conference Committee Appointed
  • Senate/ to House
  • Senate Conference Committee Appointed
  • Senate/ refused to recede from Senate amendments
  •  Enrolled
    House/ to Senate
  • House/ refuse to concur with Senate amendment
  • House/ placed on Concurrence Calendar
  • House/ received from Senate
  • Senate/ to House with amendments
  • Senate/ passed 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspension
  • Senate/ substituted
  • Senate/ uncircled
  • Senate/ circled
  • Senate/ 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspension
  • Senate/ Rules to 2nd Reading Calendar
  • House/ to Printing with fiscal note
  •  Introduced
    Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)
  • Senate/ received from House
  •  Enrolled
    House/ to Senate
  • House/ passed 3rd reading
  • House/ substituted
  • House/ uncircled
  • House/ circled
  • House/ 3rd reading
  •  Enrolled
    House/ 2nd reading
  • House/ comm rpt/ substituted/ amended
  •  Enrolled
    House Comm - Favorable Recommendation
  • House Comm - Amendment Recommendation
  • House Comm - Substitute Recommendation
  •  Enrolled
    House/ to standing committee
  •  Introduced
    House/ 1st reading (Introduced)
  •  Enrolled
    House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst
  • House/ received bill from Legislative Research
  • Numbered Bill Publicly Distributed
  • Bill Numbered but not Distributed